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Anthem In: The Cloudbusting EP [Album Review]


If Kate Bush and Robert Smith had 5 children together with the intention of creating one of the most uniquely talented batch of kids for the new millennium, Anthem In would be those products of success. Much like their predecessors, this is a band that can make you cry as you dance the night away. And The Cloudbusting EP (derived from Kate’s 1985 single of the same title) rains down genius and prosperity over the unwilling to adapt.

Each of the 5 tracks Anthem In throw your way are potential singles. “History” is a middle cut that should go just as noticed as the cover track “Cloudbusting”. Each song is sure to please; there is no question of that. And when Ashley Proffitt’s Wurlitzer starts to kick in, the dreams of these 80’s-inspired troubadours become clear and can inspire you to feel things you never thought possible.

Prepare yourself for 25 minutes of ecstasy. Yes, they’re that damn good. The Cloudbusting EP is nothing short of a healthy portion of unfiltered indie pop goodness. Anthem In’s greatest talent lies within their ability to transcend the past yet be just as nostalgic of a greater period in history at the same time. But, in the end, it can be clearly noted that this is a group with abundant talent. And that can never been a bad thing.

Anthem In: Cloudbusting [mp3]
[audio:100128-anthem-in-cloudbusting.mp3|titles=Cloudbusting|artists=Anthem In]


Quiet/Loud Records [CDEP, 2009]

1. Cloudbusting
2. Universal
3. History
4. The Boy Is On My Side
5. Leanings

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