W-H-I-T-E [Feature]


White Horses In Technicolor Everywhere, or, more commonly known as the acronyms W-H-I-T-E or W.H.I.T.E., is the project of Cory Thomas Hanson. W-H-I-T-E comes across as a more emotive rendition of the immensely colorful electro-master Dan Deacon. Hanson’s blend of noisy experimentation meets home-crafted electronics differs from Deacon in a very distinct way. Where Deacon’s mantra fits the more wild-eyed, insane protagonist, W-H-I-T-E’s appears much more in-tune with reality, albeit a horrific one wrought with the pains of life.

The two are really polar opposites. W-H-I-T-E’s weight of the world on his shoulders mentality meshes well with the sometimes melodic, sometimes chaotic electronic backing. W-H-I-T-E is the master of this melodic sound, often complementing it with the chaos. You can hear it in “Particle Nightmare” and “When We Were Young”.

Often, when electronic sounds such as these encompass massive quantities of harmony, they come with the hypnotic descriptor. The music W-H-I-T-E creates certainly fits right in. While obviously not as upbeat as Deacon, Hanson shows great promise as a performing artist, already having mastered the production (he recorded and produced last year’s Okie Dokie EP. W-H-I-T-E is the latest of several artists to keep an eye on in 2010.

The latest from W-H-I-T-E is an album titled SUNNA, out this week and available on CD and as a limited edition run of three 7″ singles. SUNNA is a release split between Swill Children and Aagoo Records.

W-H-I-T-E: Go On With The Gong [mp3]
[audio:100127-w-h-i-t-e-go-on-with-the-gong.mp3|titles=Go On With The Gong|artists=W-H-I-T-E]

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