Angel Russell [Feature]


Angel Russell fits into an interesting and quite rare area of folk music, that being the realm of gypsy folk. The influences, like the lifestyle, are blurred between various cultures. You can hear it in Russell’s songs, like the seductive “Sail Away” and the Spanish “Reperar Mi Vida”. Gypsy folk is rare, but the artists that embody the description do so wholeheartedly — just look at Ramona Cordova. In this manner Russell has traveled; her family is from Mexico and she grew up in San Diego. She began recording her debut album in Seattle, continued it in Portland, and finished it in Massachusetts.

Gypsy folk artists incorporate highly infectious melodies with obscurities such as knee-slaps and foot stomps; then there’s the various accompanying instruments. Seduction and story are typically the themes, and Angel Russell is a master of both – her lyrics tell sultry stories of passion and lust, and the theme carries through in her vocals. Her latest work is a homemade LP titled Sunken Ships And Parlor Tricks, available now from Sergeant Sparrow Records. Within you’ll find the aforementioned genre at the core, backed by a latin feel, hints of jazz, and even slight traces of punk and pop.

Angel Russell: When I Was A Little Girl [mp3]
[audio:100126-angel-russell-when-i-was-a-little-girl.mp3|titles=When I Was A Little Girl|artists=Angel Russell]

Angel Russell: Sail Away [mp3]
[audio:100126-angel-russell-sail-away.mp3|titles=Sail Away|artists=Angel Russell]

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