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It’s Elephant’s: Gets Along [Album Review]


It’s Elephant’s are the lime in the malt liquor. They’re the smiling faces at a funeral. Their sort of punk, sort of acid-induced rock persona transitions into a far too demanding world with a substantial frenzy. It’s sort of like a jazz choir playing at CBGB’s. Their sophomore release, Gets Along, beats you over the head with a rock ‘n roll NERF baseball bat till you want to shoot up your nearest supermarket. This is one of the most deliberately entrancing discs that has come out in some time. Get ready to lose your mind.

There are many aspects on this record that have been worn and torn over the years (insert appropriate Madonna joke). But, you haven’t heard it like this. “Better in 77” is a melting sundae refrozen to form Hendrix-inspired riffs & bass lines. But, if you let that track guide your perceptions of It’s Elephant’s, you’re going to miss the beauty of “Black Cock Down” and “Red Cock Wins”. Have some fun while you remember how to breath. Enjoy these Offspring-esque punk ditties before you outwear that fragile cap of pretentiousness.

At times Gets Along feels as hardcore as a hole punch to the earlobe. But other times bring repressed memories of times when you were much happier. It’s Elephant’s have the ability to spit a mouthful of Big K cola in your face and make you feel honored. When you live and rock as hard as these folks, the earth should be at your beckoning. And soon it will be… soon it will be.

It’s Elephants: Better In ’77 [mp3]
[audio:100120-its-elephnats-better-in-77.mp3|titles=Better In ’77|artists=It’s Elephants]


[CD, 2009]

1. Sam Loopis Hardware
2. Meth Addicted To Whores
3. A Tragic Allegory Of Art
4. Black Cock Down
5. Red Cock Wins
6. Trees In The Road
7. Better In ’77
8. Who Is Jeremy Bender?
9. Gets Along

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