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Francis: I Was Never Bored At All [mp3]


Francis has been hard at work on a new album and, given a first listen to their new single, it’s easy to hear this band has made some tremendous strides forward. But first, take a step back. Their self-titled EP from 2009 was pretty solid. It allowed them to shine in a very unique manner – being a band that took Sweden into a tavern and got it so hopped up on booze that a drunken punk side began to show. It had sloppy moments, but it merely enhanced the music. “I Was Never Bored At All”, the band’s new song, is not what you’d expect from the previous description. Not at all.

This song is heartfelt. While over-exuberance and slurred pronunciation of various syllables have become a trait for the imbibed, and it remains hinted here, there’s something real special about this tune that shuns many of those early preconceptions. Listening to the band grow from the soft beginnings and emotive vocals into a plusher percussion and some instrumental tinkering… I’ll be damned if I’m not blown away. There’s quality stuff in here, from the lyrical prowess to the calming melodies that pour forth from each member of Francis.

“I Was Never Bored At All” makes me very, very excited to hear the rest of the songs on Francis’ upcoming album.

Francis: I Was Never Bored At All [mp3]
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