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Boy Genius: Staggering [Album Review]


What an intriguing batch of pop songs Boy Genius has came up with here! Staggering is an album that jingles and jangles it’s way through rockin’ tunes that act as a wonderful sequel to their debut album Anchorage. For returning listeners, you will notice that the first note on this album picks up where their debut left off. Another genius (pun intended) idea from this crafty Brooklyn-based group. It also wasn’t such a bad idea to bring on board super-producer Mitch Easter to help them polish up their happy-go-lucky recordings.

Each and every track on this record portrays a sense of honesty that is so full of heart that it refrains from being corny, even as the “Woo, Woo” kicks in between hooks and chorus. But, what is most inspiring about this album is the division that’s drawn on thicker than Tom Selleck’s mustache. The first five cuts (Side A) are their own story. The last five (Side B) are their own as well. With peaks and slopes, it’s like a two-for-one sale; one would be insane not to over indulge themselves.

Whether we want to admit it or not, Boy Genius is a perfect example of how we all want to feel. It’s not normal to wander the rainy streets of misery… all the damn time! Sometimes we need an album like Staggering to give us the perk a triple espresso of Elliot Smith just can’t do. So kids, here is your musical Ritalin. And like so many pre-schoolers in the 90’s were told, “It’s good for you. It will help.”

Staggering will be available January 26, on vinyl only.

Boy Genius: Blame Love [mp3]
[audio:100118-boy-genius-blame-love.mp3|titles=Blame Love|artists=Boy Genius]

Boy Genius: Old New England [mp3]
[audio:100118-boy-geinus-old-new-england.mp3|titles=Old New England|artists=Boy Genius]


[CD, 2010]

1. Scatterbrain
2. Blame Love
3. He Can’t Hit
4. Ramona Saves The Day
5. Old New England
6. Staggering
7. The Hardest Part
8. When Sunday Goes
9. Until I Found You
10. Edison

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