Cover Art

TacocaT: Shame Spiral [Cover Art]


Seattle’s TacocaT brings back the riot grrrl sound full force while channeling a substantial Bratmobile sound, as correctly noted to me by Finest Kiss. In my opinion, there’s even a little punked-up B-52s sound in there. Their debut LP, Shame Spiral is out now on Don’t Stop Believin’ Records, the label responsible for giving us releases by See Me River, The Pharmacy and Your Heart Breaks.

What makes Shame Spiral cool is the art on the cover and slip, as well as the lyric sheet. These are fairly standard pieces, when it comes to the realm of covers, but this one is special because it fits so well with the music. TacocaT really expands upon the sarcasm, the palindrome with the capitalization of both T’s, and the fun artwork. Yes, it all fits well with the highly upbeat songs backed by distorted guitars, boisterous percussion, and bubblegum lyrics.





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