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Jack James: Lights Off, Headphones On [Album Review]


There has been alot of grief giving in popular culture about simple man and acoustic guitar rock. America can find a way to relish on the bad of everything. The “bro”-worthy Dave Matthews or Ben Harper are now being laughed at. Glasgow, Scotland apparently feels the same way at times. But, like our soft-core heroes at home, they have an artist who does not give a damn. One Jack James is here to show the beauty of wordplay with his intriguing debut album Lights Off, Headphones On.

Just imagine the tall pine trees surrounding a day of pleasure and play. How could that conjure up negative thoughts? For some reason, pine trees and playfulness are both associated with Jack’s acoustic folk medleys. And maybe weed. But, that’s another story. For fans of a relaxed existence, tracks like “Burnsy Lang” or “Visit” will fit right in on your tie-dye covered iPod after Frankenreiter, and before Johnson. You know who I’m talking about. “Learning My Lines” is the stop and ponder track of Lights Off, Headphones On. It just wouldn’t be folk inspired dramedy if that wasn’t there.

If you aren’t into featherweight spurts of happiness and/or misery, take your loud ass somewhere far away from this album. If you want to relax to some fine storytelling and lyrical delight, pull up a beanbag chair, brew up some green tea, and appreciate the subliminal perfection of Lights Off, Headphones On. A wise man once said, “You’d be a lot cooler if you did, man.” So, get your dirty resin covered fingertips on this free download.

Jack James: Learning My Lines [mp3]
[audio:100114-jack_james-learning_my_lines.mp3|titles=Learning My Lines|artists=Jack James]


[Digital Album, 2009]

1. West End Blues Waltz
2. I Am Ready Now
3. Decisions
4. Small Talk
5. Visit
6. This Guy
7. Burnsy Lang
8. Chances
9. Learning My Lines
10. Safe House

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