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The Prime Ministers: Compromiser [Album Review]


If the Gin Blossoms proceeded to follow down whoever they found so infatuating, fellow alternative pop group The Prime Ministers could surely pick up the slack with their medium tempered and mild-mannered album Compromiser. This collection of somewhat funk-driven tracks is not only the descendant of that which has been done, but something that is the predecessor of the fresh and stunning.

The melodic cut “We Are The Reward” covers a bit of soul ground as it resembles the alternative version of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. And with each track before and after this R&B-laced jaunt, there is a beautiful sense of happy-go-lucky misery residing in 3-5 minute intervals with hardly a break in between. Though simple in nature, The Prime Ministers create a consistently lively sound that is very likely the toe-tapping goodness you have been wanting.

Compromiser is a solid and wholesome album. It’s hard to believe a piano and guitar theme could even be thought of so highly in this millennium, but style and storytelling last forever. For the nostalgic thirty-somethings still bumming around, it might suit your fancy to stumble into a Prime Ministers show sometime. It might do your young, yet old soul some good. But, no matter your age or wisdom, this is a group that solidifies the artistic expressions of alternative as something other than hateful angst. It’s real dammit!

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The Prime Ministers: We Are The Reward [mp3]
[audio:100113-the-prime-ministers-we-are-the-reward.mp3|titles=We Are The Reward|artists=The Prime Ministers]


Not Lame Recordings [CD, 2009]

1. Double Rings
2. Learned From The Best
3. For The Birds
4. Only 35
5. Late In The Day
6. Matters Most
7. My Turn
8. We Are The Reward
9. Janine
10. Safe & Sound On Microchips

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