Pascal Bizet: Sans Doute [Video]


Without being overly upbeat, Pascal Bizet finds a comforting middle ground between highly catchy pop melodies and overtly melancholy emotive vocals. “Sans Doute” is the perfect example of this seemingly patched pair of musical opposites. The video, filmed on Super 8, follows suit; borderline disturbing yet filled with a mystic sort of beauty. Bizet sings in his native French tongue – though I don’t understand a word, I can feel pain and despair hiding behind the strained vocals.

States Bizet about “Sans Doute”, it “means ‘without a doubt’ but with an ironic issue.” He goes on to note that “the song talks about Pure Love, Childish Truth, Disenchantment and Depression.” From the looks of it, Bizet’s solo work under his own name is pretty new. He has, however, also written music under the moniker Royal Arche.

Pascal Bizet // Sans doute from Popopop on Vimeo.

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