Le Man Avec Les Lunettes: I Can’t Get Anything [Video]


Cast on a backdrop of emotive strings and smokey female vocals, this video for “I Can’t Get Anything” by Italy’s Le Man Avec Les Lunettes is simple but intriguing. Little explosions in the background divert attention and match the entrance of percussion, while a meaningful quip arises via subtitles on occasion. The concept is quite unique, but it works well with the song. Le Man Avec Les Lunettes produces quite catchy orchestral indie pop of the super upbeat nature.

“I Can’t Get Anything” is off the band’s new album, Plaskaplakabombelibom. The album flips between male and female vocals, and between string-laden and synth-oriented pop songs. All have their bouts of upbeat, catchy melodies. This album was released back in 2008 and to my knowledge it never hit the states, though it found a home on labels in Italy (Myhoney Records and Zahr Records), Germany (Cake & Coffee Records) and Japan (Friends Of Mine Records). Instead, Series II Records released another record from the band titled La Belle Epop.

Below you can see the video for “I Can’t Get Anything”. But first, here’s a track found on both, titled “Apples”:

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes: Apples [mp3]
[audio:100108-le_man_avec_les_lunes-apples.mp3|titles=Apples|artists=Le Man Avec Les Lunettes]

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