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Pants Yell!: Received Pronunciation [Album Review]


Downbeat pop is often a dangerous realm in which to work. Yet Pants Yell! begins their latest album, Received Pronunciation, in this area with the catchy tune “Frank And Sandy”, and they continue it off and on throughout the album. It actually works very well. These songs are simple and, despite being recorded/performed using electric guitars, they often have the subtle traits common in acoustic pop. Even a hard-hitting song like “Rue de la Paix” has that open, personal sound. And despite three members, the music of Pants Yell! gives the impression of singularity.

Simplicity also finds a home in the lyrics; this is far from a bad thing thanks to unforgettable vocal melodies and easy-to-sing phrases. As the album continues, it slowly builds and grows. It’s not until the final moments of “Spider” that the others join in with back-up vocals, and on “Someone Loves You” and “Marble Staircase” the percussion finally adds a more dominating presence. The diversity within Received Pronunciation demonstrates this band’s great ability in crafting pop songs – one moment quiet and introspective, and another moment loud and raucous.

Pants Yell!: Cold Hands [mp3]
[audio:100108-pants-yell-cold-hands.mp3|titles=Cold Hands|artists=Pants Yell!]


Slumberland Records [12″ LP, 2009]

1. Frank And Sandy
2. Rue de la Paix
3. Cold Hands
4. Got To Stop
5. Spider
6. Someone Loves You
7. Marble Staircase
8. Not Wrong
9. To Take

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