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Kordan: Fantasy Nation EP [Album Review]


Kordan‘s Fantasy Nation kicks right into gear with an almost, dare I say it, “crunk” feel. The intensity hits you harder than an ex-girlfriend’s unexpected blow. Then the madness truly sets in. With a touch of Joy Division, these New York rockers bring glam rock meets punk to a new extreme. This isn’t your older brother’s 80’s influenced rock band. This is the real 80-proof keyboard-ripping sound once known worldwide, and now rearranged to fit the new times.

The strength behind the title track “Fantasy Nation” feels like the aura you once felt in the strobe lights of a roller rink in Junior High. Your heart races like something is going to happen, you just don’t know what. Then the cute girl asks you to slow skate to a Mariah Carey song, and your heart spills out of your chest (by this personal exploration, I’m really talking about the chorus, hooks, and overall feel – OK, I might need therapy). And this potency rarely slows down. If it does, it’s only to lead into something even more worthy of bobbing heads and the falling into complete awe. “Tokyo Tears” (such an 80’s title) rips through the vertebrate of rock and roll and shows it to the laughing acid-filled skull of the beholder. There is something strange (or strangely personal) happening throughout Fantasy Nation that can only be described in obscure analogies.

There have been many groups with similar ideas as those put forth by Kordan. We all know the power of Duran Duran and skinny jeans. But trust me, this is completely different. This is war against the music gods. This is full-fledged anarchy when compared to the likes of The Killers and The Bravery. This is the spirit of electronic rock that has been desperately seeking a place in existence for some time. This is simply amazing!

Kordan: Fantasy Nation [mp3]
[audio:100106-kordan-fantasy_nation.mp3|titles=Fantasy Nation|artists=Kordan]


TwentySeven Records [CDEP, 2009]

1. Fantasy Nation
2. Tokyo Tears
3. Slouchy Girl
4. Hologram
5. Re-L

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