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The Hydeaway CD Newsletter Issue #1 [Cover Art]


I’ve been contemplating this for some time, and I think it has finally come down to a simple fact: doing a Cover Art post each week has proven quite difficult. So, to lighten the load, I’m going to re-post each item here and thus form a new column here for all future Cover Art posts. The original page will remain, but all Cover Art posts will also find a home here. We will begin with my favorite compilation from 2009: The Hydeaway CD Newsletter Issue #1.

It seems fitting to begin Cover Art (again) with The Hydeaway CD Newsletter: Issue No. 1 Winter 2009. The compilation is dedicated to promoting awareness of an all-ages art space in Edmonton called The Hydeaway. That the album highlights some of the most promising budding artists out of Edmonton is almost secondary to the artistic and unique packaging in which the album resides (this issue featuring budding Edmonton artist Andrew Benson). And like the photographs and drawings within, the music is diverse, ranging from indie-pop to wild experimental noise.

The music is available for free from The Hydeaway website, but it’s just not the same without the physical release — it can also be purchased in physical form by visiting the site.

Blind Tiger, Tiger: 1950 AD [mp3]
[audio:100104-blind-tiger-tiger-1950-ad.mp3|titles=1950 AD|artists=Blind Tiger Tiger]

Cecil Frena: O Sacred Dandruff [mp3]
[audio:100104-cecil-frena-o-sacred-dandruff.mp3|titles=O Sacred Dandruff|artists=Cecil Frena]

Geoff Hawryluk: Come Autumn [mp3]
[audio:100104-geoff-hawryluk-come-autumn.mp3|titles=Come Autumn|artists=Geoff Hawryluk]







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    Nuns of Punk include Chuck Stilphen and Glen Stilphen from the Alcohol era of Gang Green and Erich Thaler from Stompbox. Chuck Stilphen is the co-writer of the punk classic “Alcohol”. Chuck and Glen have also played with The Freeze, Mallet Head, Scratch, Smegma and The Nuns and Straw Dogs. ‘First Nickel” is a high energy punk / metal attack with a melody. An extended release is coming soon …..

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