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The Inner Banks: Songs From Disko Bay [Album Review]


Partners and companions Caroline Schutz and David Gould make quite the team when they become The Inner Banks. They have made quite the mark for themselves as a duo and individually. For example, who can forget Caroline’s haunting expose’ of folk as front woman for the critically acclaimed Folk Songs For The Afterlife!? And there is David’s finger-tip-blistering banjo playing for The Bootleg Remedy. But, it’s their sense of togetherness that makes Songs From Disko Bay so enjoyable.

For their sophomore release, it seems as though The Inner Banks decided to focus a bit more on Schutz’s beautiful vocal chords twined in gold and emphasized by her gentle use of wordplay. Compared to their mostly instrumental debut album, the introduction of dominant vocals is quite the treat. And what a range! “Pyramids” has Caroline sounding like the female Paul McCartney, while “Big Bang” digs into the ambiance aspect of the group. “Blame” mirrors back to their old stuff, but it’s still a valuable addition to the change.

Caroline and David have done their fare share of traveling. And with them they brought back a souvenir for all of us to enjoy. They use a vast deal of imagery to create their signature sound. Their hot coffee on a cool spring night mentality is so calming and ever so hard to resist. Throughout Songs From Disko Bay, there are tales to be told, and thoughts to be sprung to life. So many years of life and love are packed and condensed into a stunning 34 minutes. The Inner Banks is an experience that is surely not to be missed.

The Inner Banks: Pyramids [mp3]
[audio:091230-the_inner_banks-pyramids.mp3|titles=Pyramids|artists=The Inner Banks]


DAG! Records [CD, 2009]

1. Lemon Tree
2. Pyramid
3. Come Back
4. Darling
5. Tournament Of Wives
6. Big Bank
7. Blame
8. Coda (Lemon Tree)

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