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Retribution Gospel Choir: Hide It Away [mp3]


Duluth Minnesota’s Retribution Gospel Choir is about as real as it gets in the world of pop-rock. They have enough energy and vibrancy to power Vegas for at least a few minutes. RGC has been riding off the success of their self-titled debut album recently (touring with Wilco, Meat Puppets, & more), but as always, their progression is never ending. Their sophomore release, 2, will be out January 26th on Sub Pop, and it features the stunning single “Hide It Away”. This track is damn solid. It’s an echoing indie rock love affair with the mistresses of 70’s rock. It has that sort of power that can have you throwing two fists is the air, closing your eyes, and drinking-in 3 minutes of bona fide musical bliss.

Retribution Gospel Choir: Hide It Away [mp3]
[audio:091229-retribution_gospel_choir-hide_it_away.mp3|titles=Hide It Away|artists=Retribution Gospel Choir]


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