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Citified: Absense [Album Review]


Piece together a post-shoegaze era dreaminess with the calm of melody-driven pleasantries and the result is the seemingly soft Absense by Citified. The group’s new EP divides the standard loud-versus-soft for a fairly consistent volume level that is so soothing and tranquil, it’s almost easy to overlook the ringing noise that would, in effect, be created were it to be performed live. Every moment, no matter from which song we take that cross-section, fits the description.

Absence finds that comfortable spot, that one with the ability to warrant the subtle and ambient background noise to accompany whatever mundane task may be at hand as well as the crank-it-to-eleven and drown out any emotion that might be plaguing you at this particular instant in time. “Landlocked” may take precedence for its driving percussive beat and more catchy melody than some of the other tracks, but as a whole this EP easily maintains interest. “Dutiful Scout” delves into pop but isn’t a far enough stray from the shoegaze traits to warrant dissatisfaction.

Citified is one of those insatiable bands; you just cannot get enough. In part, it’s their continual deftness at producing never-ending harmony. But when it comes down to it, the duality these songs possess are what gives Absence its intrigue.

Citified: Landlocked [mp3]


Eskimo Kiss Records [CDEP, 2009]

1. Founded
2. Pencil Me In
3. Landlocked
4. Dutiful Scout
5. My Family Cup

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