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The Dandy Warhols: Little Drummer Boy [mp3]


The Dandy Warhols use their electro-fused, almost Beatles pop sound (one of their many styles) to recreate one of the best Christmas songs ever, “Little Drummer Boy”. And it couldn’t have worked out better. This cover is, too say the least, far better and more energetic than when Bright Eye’s tried it out for size. Yes, rockers doing holiday songs is one commodity that shall never grow old. The Dandies have been releasing this one for free download for a number of years. It’s a quite perfect way to enjoy these annoying jingles that used to bring you so much joy when you still believed it would be a good thing for a fat bearded guy to sneak in your house late at night and eat your cookies. Bless these Portland rockers for bringing back the joyous feelings we seem so often to forget.

Download “Little Drummer Boy” for free from the Beat The World Records website for a limited time only (Once the holidays are done, so is this offer. Until next year. Maybe?)

[audio:091222-dandy_warhols-little_drummer_boy.mp3|titles=Little Drummer Boy|artists=The Dandy Warhols]

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