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The Lovekevins: Blame The English [7″ Review]


Why does Sweden stand out more than other countries when it comes to laying down pop tracks? The Swedes definitely know how to make pop music. The Lovekevins are a light bouncy pop group from Malmo, Sweden and such heritage means beautifully crafted pop songs. This Blame the English 7-inch single comes with four tracks and album info provided in English, Russian and French.

Blame The English

Rhetorically – What completes a pop group more than hand claps and non-conventional rock instruments like trumpets? The Lovekevins take the claps, utilize a trumpet or two in most tracks, and lose the snare for a delightful title track. This lazy, laid back tune has countless chords on an acoustic guitar, a supporting electric, and a feature in the foreign horror flick Frostbiten. Here’s a hint: the movie is about vampires.

Stop Being Perfect

This upbeat pop song is filled with trumpets and flutes and keys. One of the faster pop songs around, the punchy guitar leads to tapping feet and dancing chairs. I find it impossible not to move from side to side and hop up and down—even while sitting and typing this review.

Happy Happy

A wonderful shuffle featuring trumpets, back-up singers, and countless claps, “Happy Happy” has quickly become my favorite track from the single. There is a lo-fi quality to many of this group’s songs, enhanced by the powerful trumpets, light vocals, and soft catchy guitar riffs. I think I would fly to Sweden just to see The Lovekevins play this song.

Taking David (By Strategy)

An obvious reference to Brian Eno’s “Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)” if in title only, the song itself lends a slight nod to Elliott Smith and includes a heavier keyboard and less trumpet than the other tracks. Large bass drum kicks on one and three with slight shuffling snare taps between and a more produced, less indie-pop sound than the rest of the tracks make “Taking David” a perfect closer for this lengthy 7-inch.

I don’t know the answer to why those of Swedish descent are excellent pop songwriters (and super automotive designers as well), but I wouldn’t mind moving to Sweden to find out.

This review was originally published July 27, 2006 on the old version of FensePost.

The Lovekevins: Blame The English [mp3]
[audio:091221-lovekevins-blame_the_english.mp3|titles=Blame The English|artists=The Lovekevins]


[7″ Single, 2005]

1. Blame The English
2. Stop Being Perfect
3. Happy Happy
4. Taking David (By Strategy)

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