Virgin Islands [Feature]


No sooner than I discovered The Cops, they were over; succumbing to the fate all bands reach at some point. But Mt. Fuji Records mastermind Mike Jaworski is back with a new project, one in the same vein as The Cops. This group, Virgin Islands, just dropped their first EP. I picked up Age Of Anxiety on a whim while in Seattle last weekend and now I’m obsessing over its post-punk Seattle in-your-face greatness.

Title track “The Age Of Anxiety” is what you’d expect from a new Seattle-based group. It’s gritty and raw and sucks you in with loud guitars and massive feedback. The vocals pack a punch strong enough to knock Alice Kramden flat on her face. Age Of Anxiety is, of course, available now from Mt. Fuji Records. Here’s what the label says about the release:

The EP is called The Age of Anxiety and is available on 12″ vinyl and digitally through all of your favorite digital stores. The vinyl pressing is limited to 300 copies, so don’t sleep on it!

Head over to Mt. Fuji and get your own limited print copy, and enjoy the title track below in the meantime.

Virgin Islands: The Age Of Anxiety [mp3]
[audio:091217-virgin_islands-the_age_of_anxiety.mp3|titles=The Age Of Anxiety|artists=Virgin Islands]


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