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Curtains For You: What a Lovely Surprise to Wake Up Here [Album Review]


Seattle pop music has always seemed a bit off-kilter. Still, the birthplace of Grunge has birthed a few outstanding pop artists. What A Lovely Surprise To Wake Up Here may not have taken Curtains For You into that realm yet, but it properly demonstrates that the band is heading in the right direction.

There’s an undeniable 60s and even early 70s pop sound here, but it also sides on contemporary, blending the then with the now for added cohesion. The melodies are all catchy and upbeat – Curtains For You would go well in a collection featuring masters of this sound, like Golden Bloom and Alan Cohen Experience. From Seattle, they’d go well with Central Services or even Webelos.

It’s easy to fall in love with tracks like “Dumb Angel” and “Title Bout”. You’ll spin head-over-heels at the pop hooks in “Clanging Of The Masses”. What A Lovely Surprise To Wake Up Here may not have launched Curtains For You into Seattle pop hall of fame – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What is has done, surely, is furthered them along the path toward it in the correct direction.

Curtains For You: Nuclear Age [mp3]
[audio:091217-curtains_for_you-nuclear_age.mp3|titles=Nuclear Age|artists=Curtains For You]

Curtains For You: Small Change [mp3]
[audio:091217-curtains_for_you-small_change.mp3|titles=Small Change|artists=Curtains For You]


Spark And Shine Records [CD, 2009]

1. Nuclear Age
2. Dead World
3. Dumb Angel
4. Title Bout
5. Chain Link Fence
6. Roadtrip To Disaster
7. Clanging Of The Masses
8. Small Change
9. Red Red Rose
10. Licorice Skies

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