Animal Kingdom: Bright Lights [Video]


Animal Kingdom produces brooding, moody pop that stems from soft romantic beginnings yet is capable of reaching heart wrenching climaxes, as heard in “Bright Lights”. The group’s music is large and oft features drones via swirling electric guitar notes backed by hefty percussion. Fronted by melodic vocals, the result is uncanny and surreal, at one moment drowsy with hypnotic melodies and in the next exploding with emotion.

The video is simple, merely showing the band. But the play on shadow – the plays on light versus dark – work very well, fitting not only with the song title, “Bright Lights”, but also Animal Kingdom’s music in general.

It’s readily apparent that there’s something very special about Animal Kingdom. I heard it the moment opening track “Good Morning” from their new LP Signs And Wonders began to play. Their sound isn’t necessarily new, but it gives the impression of being fresh and modern. And that makes it worth checking out… and then some.

Animal Kingdom: Tin Man [mp3]
[audio:091217-animal_kingdom-tin_man.mp3|titles=Tin Man|artists=Animal Kingdom]

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  1. Love Animal Kingdom! I was trying to find bands similar to them and I came across this new band from Liverpool called Sound of Guns, don’t know if you’ve heard of them. I’d really recommend them, their music is wicked. Their new album is out this month. Here is their official site, check it out! –

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