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“Won’t Say Anything” by Hello Seahorse! [mp3]


Hello Seahorse! creates honest, lovable pop in the vein of Mates Of State. The trio from Mexico City is centered around light, clean keyboard riffs, soft bass lines and female-fronted vocals. The music is ingenuous and unassuming. There’s no typical pretensions here, simply pleasant pop songs. “Won’t Say Anything” will surprise you with its purity, and abash you for your lack innocence.

The latest album by Hello Seahorse!, Hoy A Las Ocho, is available now from Magic Marker Records.

“Won’t Say Anything” by Hello Seahorse!
[audio:091215-hello_seahorse-wont_say_anything.mp3|titles=Won’t Say Anything|aritsts=Hello Seahorse!]


2 thoughts on ““Won’t Say Anything” by Hello Seahorse! [mp3]

  1. Hi, you need to check out Bestia, my friend. It’s their latest and actually a huge change from Hoy a las 8. Much darker and just really awesome!!

    1. Steph, thanks for the comment! I found this one through Magic Marker Records. I haven’t heard any of the band’s other stuff but found this song more than worthy of passing along. I’ll have to check out Bestia

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