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King of Rocksprings: The Milkman Vs. The Postman [Album Review]


Scott Sosebee is a king. Of what you might ask? Well, aside from being the undisputed King of Rocksprings, he is also a royal attribute when it comes to pushing a punk rock influence into the indie world. And with a bit of comedic relief involved, his debut album The Milkman Vs. The Postman is reminiscent of early Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macknuggits. Of course, these songs have a premise and a real sense of being. But, their sense of human rings the loudest.

Sosebee used to be a drummer in a well to do punk rock band. And where there is punk, there may very well be ska. The two fit together like Tiger Woods, cocktail waitresses, and Vicodin (too soon?). But, when you throw in an indie essence that has never fit better with raw attitude, this is something beyond the obvious. “The Perfect Guy” fits the Macknuggits ideals and trumpet pounding punk identity quite perfectly. “Kicking Dogs/Throwing Phones” spills out a certain anti-establishment vibe, yet establishes itself as a solid and coercive attempt at ripping through the indie scene with a dull clothes pin.

The Milkman Vs. The Postman is an overall wonderful experience. It doesn’t only void the lines between genres, it destroys said line until you feel only shame for wanting to hear anything too similar to anything else ever again. Not to mention the album features appearances from Orenda Fink (Azure Ray) and L.D. Beghtol (of 69 Love Songs fame). For good time tracks and a casual sex extravaganza in the music world, look no further than the wonderful and characteristic ways of the honorable King of Rocksprings. This is a king that produces all the usually only spoken-about positive aspects of the world of punk rock. This is a punk fan’s wet dream to say the least.

King Of Rocksprings: How To Be A Stalker [mp3]
[audio:091209-king_of_rocksprings-how_to_be_a_stalker.mp3|titles=How To Be A Stalker|artists=King Of Rocksprings]

King Of Rocksprings: The Perfect Guy [mp3]
[audio:091209-king_of_rocksprings-the_perfect_guy.mp3|titles=The Perfect Guys|artists=King Of Rocksprings]


[CDEP, 2009]

1. The Perfect Guy
2. Kicking Dogs / Throwing Phones
3. How To Be A Stalker
4. Springtime For New Yorkers
5. Tiny Monsters

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