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The Very Foundation: The Restless Enterprise [Album Review]


What would you think if you read the lyrics “….but it comes from simple needs/ just fuck me till I bleed”? Would you be expecting a Trent Reznor-inspired electronic mess? Or maybe an speed metal diatribe about lust over love? Well, chances are you wouldn’t expect these words to be used in a song done by an indie power pop group such as The Very Foundation. But, much like their whole demeanor, there isn’t too much obvious about this tremendous group. Especially on their latest release The Restless Enterprise.

The Very Foundation jump from folk-pop melodies to obscure blazing experimentation throughout The Restless Enterprise. It’s hard not to enjoy this album, with its raw and well-structured sense of bliss. They dabble in post-punk on tracks like “Better Get Off”, and practice their 90’sish ‘pretty melody’ on “My Angel, One Last Time” both with wonderful results. And, the obscurity comes around on “Signs & Wonders” as it spins through echoes and digitized insanity. A perfect blend of music to satisfy all your entertainment urges.

The Very Foundation are the equivalent of an ice cold Zinfandel on a cold winter night. Even as their chilled-out aura moves through you, a warm feeling is sure to quickly rise. This is the type of band that has the ability to build several different and well-deserved fan bases. They create in the spirit of nobody despite contributing members from acts such as The Decemberists, Oh Darling, and more. Their style is all their own; it would be an insult to say otherwise. So let’s just bask in their originality, and be happy that a band like this can even exist anymore.

The Very Foundation: Feel Anything [mp3]
[audio:091204-the_very_foundation-feel_anything.mp3|titles=Feel Anything|artists=The Very Foundation]


[CD, 2009]

1. My Sweetest Defeat
2. Better Get Off
3. Runaway To Tokyo
4. Feel Anything
5. Tell Tale Mark
6. Pornography
7. Signs & Wonders
8. Silk & Stilettos
9. This Is What We’re Asking For
10. My Angel, One Last Time
11. Calling All The Matadors
12. Dial Tone

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