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Laura Brino: How We Survived [Album Review]


There are a lot of female singer/songwriters out there who are obviously influence by the likes of Ani DiFranco or Joni Mitchell. Sadly, most of them become are poor representations of their elders. But, Laura Brino can proudly look beyond such satire. Her sophomore album How We Survived is reminiscent, but less reflective, of her elders. She has a power and grace that is obviously all her own. Her songs are the warm coffee on a rainy day. Or the oh-so-sought-after light at the end of the tunnel in the world of folk music.

Laura’s range from piano to acoustic guitar is stellar to say the least. Her determination to create earthy and natural sounding folk music is incredible. A song like “Running Shoes” sounds like a walk along song to hear when strolling through Times Square or the Inner Harbor. Her east coast coffee shop style is impervious to stereotypes. She makes such pretty music that labels are downright unnecessary. And it would be irresponsible not to mention the lounge act worthy track “The Biggest Meteor I’ve Ever Seen”. This a song best served with a chilled red wine and a side of melody worship.

This Annapolis songstress plays all the right cards in a deck meant for bearded male hipsters. She maintains her femininity without being too demanding about it. Her beauty in her words is just as important as her folk music stamina that is very important this day and age. How We Survived is not her first display of these talents, but it is easily her finest to date. With all her talent, it is not too absurd to one day see Laura Brino become the comparison for female wordsmiths of the future.

Laura Brino How We Survived Album Cover

1. How We Survived
2. This Lake
3. Running Shoes
4. Dust And Ash
5. Slow Me Down
6. That Was Then
7. Your Side Of The Street
8. Damage Of Falling
9. The Biggest Meteor I’ve Ever Seen
10. My Only
11. Raincoat
12. The Fastest Way
13. Beautiful Dreamer
14. Bird Fly

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