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Hunters, Run!: EP2 [Album Review]


Hunters, Run! blend an interesting combo of post-punk and power pop that’s super infectious. “If I Had Half A Chance” is filled with power chords and it even highlights some emotive vocal harmony shouts. When the instrumentation drops out during the bridge, leaving little other than the “ohhh ohhh” vocals pattern, the band transcends standards for something on an entirely different plane.

EP2 is a single with only two songs, but the two they give the listener are quite astounding. “Simple And Calming” is the so-called b-side, and Hunters, Run! increases the guitar power (even including a slightly funky beat and what may be a synth line between verses) while adding more rock-oriented vocal production traits.

A hair over eight minutes in length, EP2 will force the repeat button, and make you lament its shortness, laud its lack of shortcomings, and hail its excellence all at once.

“If I Had Half A Chance” by Hunters, Run!
[audio:091125-hunters_run-if_i_had_half_a_chance.mp3|titles=If I Had Half A Chance|artists=Hunters Run!]


[CD Single, 2009]

1. If I Had Half A Chance
2. Simple & Calming

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