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Dinosaur Feathers: Early Morning Risers [Album Review]


Imagine a barbershop quartet fronted by a more introspective Rivers Cuomo in his early days. Now back it with folk-pop guitar and give everyone in the audience some unique nonsensical item to beat upon. Send the entire troupe back to the stone ages for a few decades, and bring them back a little less sane, a bit less civilized, and the summation of this somewhat unusual scenario is the basis for the music Dinosaur Feathers (a mere trio) creates. Their brief four-song EP, Early Morning Risers introduces something quite original when it comes to songcraft.

Experimentation is definitely there, as that’s often what you get these days when introducing something more original than that which came before. And while you can hear a mash-up of, say Yeasayer and The Dodos, the influences remain distant for the most part. These songs all have their minimal moments, their freakouts, and their complex vocal harmonies. The result you get with Early Morning Risers is four powerful tracks that act as an introduction to a very forward-thinking collection of musicians, joined together as one, to create the audible version of brilliance.

Dinosaur Feathers: Cold Arabella [mp3]
[audio:091124-dinosaur_feathers-cold_arabella.mp3|titles=Cold Arabella|artists=Dinosaur Feathers]

Dinosaur Feathers: Early Morning Risers [mp3]
[audio:091124-dinosaur_feathers-early_morning_risers.mp3|titles=Early Morning Risers|artists=Dinosaur Feathers]

Dinosaur Feathers Early Morning Risers Album Cover

[CDEP, 2009]

1. Cold Arabella
2. Don’t Fear The Vagabonds
3. Parallel July
4. Early Morning Risers

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