M. Bison [Feature]


Seattle’s M. Bison creates light pop songs with an emphasis on keys and the awkwardness of an educated youth not constricted by the constraints of conformity. M. Bison doesn’t mind being that nerdy kid with the pocket protector, greased down hair, and comic book carefully preserved in a plastic sleeve visible in-hand for the world to see. They enjoy writing fun piano pop songs that range from the upbeat soft to the rockin’ loud.

One listen to “Samurai Showdown” and one begins to understand why Seattle Magazine dubs them one of the hottest unheard local bands. The early Weezer-esque “Elves Sing La La La” channels The Blue Album but takes the nerd factor to new heights (even in their earliest of days, Weezer was the pseudo-cool nerd; M. Bison is the true nerd they emulated in a hipper and much more popular fashion). And when the La La Las start, you begin to see why the nerds get the girl – once they hit their 30s and 40s… that bridge is to die for!

Then there’s the synth line in “All Things To All People” that borders epic while the song remains soft and subtle. M. Bison are true creators, excellent performers, and purveyors of a great self-made pop song. Get ready Pacific Northwest. Be prepared America. There’s a new force out there named M. Bison, and it’s not the one you expect. There’s psycho power here, but it’s not evil; it’s elite.

M. Bison: Samurai Showdown [mp3]
[audio:091123-m_bison-samurai_showdown.mp3|titles=Samurai Showdown|artists=M. Bison]

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