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Kinch: Live at The Empyrean [2009.11.17]


Just up the hill from downtown Spokane, amidst a barrage of fast food restaurants and car dealerships, a quaint late-night coffee shop seems to be the only source of activity on the block. The Empyrean Coffee Shop is bustling with activity as the youth of the day begin to pour through the doors; it’s the home of the city’s finest coffee and the stage is ready for an extremely personal, live experience. And on this night, show-goers were in for a hell of a treat. Presenting…Kinch!

Kinch hit the stage with more personality than a 90’s Mentos commercial. The spirit and interaction between cousins Andrew Junker and Brian Coughlin, as they dueled with their guitars, set the positive mood that would become even more apparent as their set wore on. And it was all business in the back as drummer Jake Malone beat his set into submissive oblivion. All the while, streams of beer-filled sweat seeped from his pours. Yes the boys were hard at work on this night.

Junker casually jumped between the strings and the keys, performing magnificently on both. The group hit its highest point as they burned through the popped out gems “John Adams” and “Tie Me Lightly” with the intensity and delightfullness of The Gabe Dixon Band, but with a bit more of a soft-core punk feel. The classy met The Clash as this tremendous trio diligently ran through their brilliant original tracks. “Carolina Cannonball” proved to be a crowd-pleaser with it’s super catchy hooks and tenderness. In the end, it would not be a stretch by any means to say that the set-list these guys chose was an absolute treat.

The massive energy Kinch provided is absolutely astonishing and is certainly not to be missed when they arrive in a city near you. Be sure to check out their latest EP, Collars And Sleeves, which you can get for free on their website. It takes great musicians and wonderful performers like Kinch to put the fun back in the world of uptempo rock ‘n’ roll. With a pop-punk feel and a sensational ability perform, this is a band whose live performance is one you surely do not want to miss!

Kinch: Tie Me Lightly [mp3]
[audio:091123-kinch-tie_me_lightly.mp3|titles=Tie Me Lightly|artists=Kinch]

Kinch: John Adams [mp3]
[audio:091123-kinch-john_adams.mp3|titles=John Adams|artists=Kinch]

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