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The Bravery: The Spectator [mp3]


The Bravery have had a great deal of success stirring up the MTV-friendly indie world with heavy influence from the likes of Duran Duran, The Cure, and whichever early eighties phenomenon you wish to choose. Their latest single, “Spectator”, is a disturbing dance cut set perfectly to the tone of fear and the reprisal of the common good. The song is off The Bravery’s latest album, Stir The Blood, available December 1st. If “Spectator” is any hint at what’s to come, Stir The Blood will contain several just as enjoyable tracks.

The Bravery is known for the glistening portrayal of Brat Pack-friendly outcast rock. Thankfully they do not stray from their prior reputation; they continue to produce solid indie pop music that is extremely universal in nature. This is sure to be a favorite among critics and fans alike – it’s about time for some of these major artists to step up and create some enjoyable tunes. The Killers can’t do everything!

Along with Stir The Blood, “Spectator” can be found on the Vampire Diaries soundtrack.

The Bravery: The Spectator [mp3]
[audio:091118-the_bravery-the_spectator.mp3|titles=The Spectator|artists=The Bravery]

The Bravery Stir The Blood Album Cover

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