The So So Glos: Viva Radio’s Me + You Pt. 63


This week we bring you another, by way of Viva Radio’s Me + You, exclusive track. This time from Brooklyn tropical punk group The So So Glos. The song “Island Loops” is given somewhat of an acoustic makeover, dropping out a small amount of the percussion and the more ferocious aspects of the electric guitars. These brothers (yes, a band of brothers) take the tropical sound that seems to have defined early 2008 and then some, and give it a punk twist that is much more their own. You can hear it on “Island Loops”; it’s intrepid and nonchalant, relaxed and carefree.

About the interview, Viva Radio writes:

The interview was somewhat revelatory, and while a few years younger than Tedward, they offered a nice gritty and regional contrast to Ted’s ironically non-homosexual gay transplant vibe. Starting off with a family history, it is explained that two of these guys are brothers and one is a half-brother since age 3. Hint: it’s not Matt. Then – a reverb-soaked “1-2-3-4” leads right into “Throw Your Hands Up”, a song that shits all over national radio and Clear Channel mindlessness. How appropriate!

“Island Loops” and the above-mentioned “Throw Your Hands Up” are off The So So Glos’ new LP, Tourism/Terrorism, out now on Green Owl Press.

Me + You airs Mondays at noon.

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The So So Glos: Island Loops (Me + You Pt. 63) [mp3]
[audio:091116-the_so_so_glos-island_loops.mp3|titles=Island Loops (Me + You Pt. 63)|artists=The So So Glos]

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