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Tramplini: Pärgäjiens [mp3]


Opening track “Pärgäjiens” off Tramplini‘s new LP, Tumba Rumba sees the Latvian band combining the indie pop of their origins while channeling a sound somewhere along the lines of Sigur Rós minus the vast orchestration. It’s a sound that suits them well; their Latvian tongue is romantic and soft, and when backed by delicate percussion and faint synths everything just comes together. As found occasionally throughout Tumba Rumba, Tramplini features a brief trumpet as the song concludes, even going so far as to finish it with a mute. “Pärgäjiens” is an excellent track, worthy of praise from one of Latvia’s best pop bands.

Tumba Rumba is out now on Series Two Records.

Tramplini: Pärgäjiens [mp3]

Tramplini: Tumba Rumba [Album Cover]

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