Mount Eerie: Between Two Mysteries [Video]


Upon learning of the new Bakers At Dawn album and covering the band’s new video, another discovery was made. That of Cory Landels, the director of said video and mastermind behind this video for Mount Eerie‘s “Between Two Mysteries”, one of my favorite tracks of 2009. Comparing the two, both have the same look and feel. But where “Mesmophone” was pleasant and, in a way, calm; “Between Two Mysteries” has an obvious eerie nature to it. Yet there’s something romantic about the video; as if it was one of James and Laura’s videos made before she was murdered in Twin Peaks. “Between Two Mysteries”, of course, is a song that echos with Lynch’s greatest work.

“Between Two Mysteries” is off Mount Eerie’s Wind’s Poem, out now on P.W. Elverum & Sun.

Between Two Mysteries. from Cory Landels on Vimeo.

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