Weezer Snuggies: Cute + Adorable Alert!


Yesterday Weezer (yes, that dorky band we all fell in love with upon the release of their debut LP way back in the 90s, and that has since gone on to be quite popular in the world of music) introduced to the world their very own Weezer-branded Snuggie. And yes, that’s the ridiculously popular sleeved blanket (the most genius product idea since bottled water). You can get your very own Weezer Snuggie for only 30 bucks. Also in the mix is the band’s new album, Raditude, a title that meshes radical with attitude. How very 90s.

Says a press release surrounding the Weezer Snuggie and their new album Raditude:

This new offering sees the band trying a brand-new approach, choosing to collaborate with a wide variety of musicians, songwriters and producers. The result of this collaborative effort is a collection of songs that amplifies Weezer’s musical trademarks- deep-digging pop hooks and raucous rock riffs- while at the same time breaking new ground for the band.

It goes on to note a few feature apparances; artists as diverse as Lil’ Wayne and a selection of traditional Indian musicians. Cool!

The Weezer meets Snuggie idea is a collaboration of the band (Weezer, duh) and Allstar Products Group (the makers and marketers of the Snuggie). If you ask me, the pairing of the two seems fitting. And, for once, I find the idea of getting a Snuggie quite appealing.

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