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The Antlers, band

Over the summer, I fell in love with two songs by The Antlers off their debut LP, Hospice. Those songs were “Bear” and “Two”. Mysterious drones and pleasant horn breaks fronted by vocals that lapse into momentary angst with unique harmonies. That’s what had me sold on “Bear” by this band. “Two”, on the other hand, kicked off with that light strum and high-pitched falsetto vocals that, while distinctly different from the other track, still grabbed me as a listener. It just seemed too perfect. Well over the summer the crew visited Rock Island, IL, the home of Daytrotter, to record a session. And we, the public, finally have access to the resulting songs.

So I have a reason to write about this great band. No, “Bear” isn’t on the list, but they did record “Two” along with “Shiva” and “Kettering” off Hospice, and “Cold War” off Cold War EP. “Two” is made over using piano instead of guitar or uke, or whatever stringed instrument they used on Hospice. That’s what makes Daytrotter so special; the bands they record adjust songs to fit something new and exciting – the live take on vintage instruments. And because of the limitations of not being able to use their own instruments, what they create is almost always as good, if not better, than their studio recordings. Do you get that with The Antlers? Absolutely.

Check out the session and hear for yourself. Here’s the link: The Antlers on Daytrotter. Get prepared to be blown away. Seriously.

The Antlers: Bear [mp3] (off Hospice)
[audio:091103-the_antlers-bear.mp3|titles=Bear|artists=The Antlers]

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