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Forcefield Kids: Harmony & Discord [Album Review]


A typical hip hop team might save two EP’s worth of material for one big exploitative piece. But, The Forcefield Kids are far from typical. They have an agenda and they stick to it. That is why their second EP, this year, Harmony & Discord was absolutely necessary. It is obviously too dark to fit the agenda of their prior release, Home. But, Newcastle’s finest duo have not lost their ability to drop flows with a shock and awe mentality.

Harmony & Discord is the hip hop equivalent of an open wound drowned in Isoprypol. The pain that vocalist Stain(ed) releases seems absolutely necessary for him to remain sane. The tantalizing track “Dancing With Death” is an entire WWII trunk of baggage spilling over a haunting bass and drum line. “Razorblades” is a hook heavy display of rhyming showmanship. This is a very personal release. At times it may feel like you are listening into a conversation you weren’t suppose to hear.

As aforementioned evidence proves, The Forcefield Kids have a work ethic that is superior to many activated hip hop artists today. They’ve always been complex and charming, but now an entirely different door has been broken down. Harmony and Discord, available today, is out just in time to be considered one of the best hip hop albums of 2009. If these British hip hop warriors have been looking for their place in the music world, they should have no fear. They have proven their depth more than what was necessary.

Forcefield Kids: Razorblades [mp3]
[audio:091102-forcefield_kids-razorblades.mp3|titles=Razorblades|artists=Forcefield Kids]


DFNT Records [CDEP, 2009]

1. Razorblades
2. Jenny (A Confession) Pts 1 & 2
3. No Signal
4. I Can’t Get
5. Dancing With Death

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