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Big Sur: Women [Album Review]

Big Sur

In a man’s life, there is always one certainty that can confuse him, impress him, and make him cry for many reasons. Big Sur knows this to certainly be the female gender. Ladies. X Chromosomes. In other words – Women. God we sure do love them in all their complexity and beauty; they just exude happiness in the best of times. And what better topic for a country folk band of Bellingham gypsies to tackle?

Just like the subjects at hand, this is a beautiful piece of work. Vocalist Jake Hemming’s words tour a musical atmosphere anyone can appreciate. He sounds like a country gentleman of the north on the brilliant story-based track “Their Honeymoon”. And he combines these traits with a 30’s gangster movie star style persona on “The Painted Lady”. The origins of folk rock blister through the skin of today’s indigenous love for all things past on this quintessential and tempting EP that leaves you begging for more. Woodie Guthrie would surely approve.

Big Sur never fails to make a twangy splash in the northwest – their impeccable ability to create a feel-good aura does not go unnoticed in their region. And when they team up with another Bellingham favorite, Jasmine Riley (who provides terrific backup vocals), they find a way to create a massive appeal to all walks of life. There are so many folk artists bathing in the showers of complacency these days, but this prolific band of true artists and troubadours bring forth the power of originality using age-old tactics. Someone blessed these lovely fools, bred from the elders of a time that can never live again.

Big Sur: The Painted Lady [mp3]
[audio:091028-big_sur-the_painted_lady.mp3|titles=The Painted Lady|artists=Big Sur]

Big Sur: Their Honeymoon [mp3]
[audio:091028-big_sur-their_honeymoon.mp3|titles=Their Honeymoon|artists=Big Sur]

Women by Big Sur

[CDEP, 2009]

1. The Painted Lady
2. Harbor Ships
3. Short Hair In A Dress
4. Me And Townes
5. Their Honeymoon

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