The Get Up Kids Visit Daytrotter

The Get Up Kids

This bit of news may be slightly old, as the session went up last week, but I’m just now catching up on my Daytrotter-ing and it seemed fitting. Coincidence: earlier this month I was scrounging around on eBay looking to see how much that vinyl copy of Eudora would go for (just an estimate, not because I want to sell it – don’t you do that will your records too?), and I wondered if The Get Up Kids would give us anything new soon. Of course, they regrouped and played a live set in Lawrence last March, and this Daytrotter session is our first peek at some of the new tunes they put together over the summer.

Sure, this may coincide with the 10th Anniversary of Something To Write Home About, out now on Vagrant Records. After all, the session does include a rendition of “I’m A Loner Dottie, A Rebel”. Among the new tunes are “Sharon Stone” and “Your Petty Pretty Things”, but the song that takes the cake, in my opinion, is “Overdue”. They say what I was thinking in the liner notes:

This is one of my favorite songs we’ve ever written. We didn’t really play it very often back in the day so I’m glad to we’re bringing it back. I like the way the acoustic guitar sounds through the amp. Jim really likes his own guitar playing. He’s a big fan.

The song originally appeared on On A Wire. This song takes me back; it, too, was one of my favorites from The Get Up Kids. Yeah, I’m digging the new tunes, and I’m pretty damn excited they’re coming back.

Head over to Daytrotter to check out The Get Up Kids’ session. It’s well worth it.

The Get Up Kids on Daytrotter

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