Sweden’s Starlet Recording A New Album


Hanging on the wall in my living room are six album covers and the one closest to my leather rocking chair – where I write the majority of the items I post on FensePost – is Starlet‘s Stay On My Side from 1999. Songs like “At Least In My Heart” and “In The Disco” were the soundtrack to my summer of 2006, along with the title track off When The Sun Falls On My Feet, their 2002 follow-up. The latest news is that the Starlet crew is back after what, in my opinion, has been a far-too-long hiatus.

The news comes from the Labrador Records Twitter page, a re-tweet from the Startlet page and a simple link to Screaming Swifts. This all sounds wonderful to me, as Starlet’s upbeat pop has the perfect tenor for the brown leaves and overcast skies synonymous with fall.

While the information at this stage is minimal, we can at least bask in the greatness of their early records – a quick nostalgic revisiting of the past – knowing that hopefully soon we’ll be treated with some great new pop tunes. Here’s the wondrous first track off Stay On My Side:

Starlet: I’m Home [mp3]
[audio:091026-starlet-im_home.mp3|titles=I’m Home|artists=Starlet]

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