Mono Stereo: Orange Is Green [Video]

Mono Stereo

On “Orange Is Green”, Sweden’s Mono Stereo mixes psychedelic pop with shoegaze for a truly epic sound; it even dabbles a little in prog. The black-and-white mixed with color fit for early music videos is a mixed throwback of influences, from 60s and 70s pop to the mid 90s indie rock shoegaze. Mono Stereo’s ability to create monumental pop heights spiraling with sound allow songs like “Orange Is Green” to genuinely shine. And, as “Orange Is Green” can off their debut EP, out next month, they’re doing it early. My guess is that we can expect great things from these guys. Let’s hope they keep it up.

Look for Space Out by Mono Stereo on 360 Degree Music come November 8. For an extra sneak peek, you can get a track off Space Out by signing up for the bands mailing list.

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