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Tempo No Tempo

There’s a growing obsession taking place here, and it’s with Tempo No Tempo‘s new release Waking Heat. Now, I’ve only heard two tracks — “The Rat (Part One)” and “Medicines” — but I can tell you that both are pretty damn great. And if they’re telling of the rest of Waking Heat, we’re all in store for a sizable treat. A blend of dub and post-punk, Tempo No Tempo’s wild songs are sure to have any true indie fan yearning for more.

In “The Rat (Part One)”, drummer Alex Kaiser dominates, while instrumentation takes a back seat. The vocal melody is what carries the song, and when the guitar does enter in with various filler riffs, they’re just as powerful as the pent up angst heard in Tyler McCauley’s vocals. There’s passion here, but it’s not emotive. It’s borderline sexual, but even that’s a poor descriptor. “Medicines”, like “The Rat”, channels a 90s-ish post-punk sound. McCauley’s vocals have even more ferocity here, while Jason Wexler adds a key focal point with a wicked bass-line.

Tempo No Tempo self-released Waking Heat this week. And for you die-hards out there, the 12″ version comes pressed on beautiful clear vinyl.

Tempo No Tempo: Medicines [mp3]
[audio:091022-tempo_no_tempo-medicines.mp3|titles=Medicines|artists=Tempo No Tempo]

Tempo No Tempo: The Rat (Part One) [mp3]
[audio:091022-tempo_no_tempo-the_rat.mp3|titles=The Rat (Part One)|artists=Tempo No Tempo]

Waking Heat by Tempo No Tempo

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