Avi Buffalo Signs to Sub Pop


Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg is a name I cannot easily pronounce, so I’m glad this young songwriter from Long Beach has chosen to go by the moniker Avi Buffalo. The 18-year-old Avigdor has made music under this guise for three years and with a few shows under the belt, expanded the project to a full-on group. With Aaron Embry at the production wheel, Avi Buffalo began recording their first record. More stuf happened… you know, this and that… and then Sub Pop came into the picture. For realsies.

So Avi Buffalo has now signed to Sub Pop, and the label is going to give us an early December present in the form of plastic of the 7-inch style, “What’s In It For?” b/w “Jessica”. And, say Sub Pop, we can expect Avi Buffalo’s debut LP sometime in the first half of next year.

To stream a few tracks, including “What’s In It For?”, visit Avi Buffalo on MySpace. You can also snag yourself a pre-order of the single over at the Sub Pop Store.

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