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Built By Snow: Mega [Album Review]

Built By Snow

Built By Snow is certainly a strange name for a band that backs instrumentals with bits and sounds that make reference to old Super Mario or Dig Dug bites (your mother would have killed if you got snow near the game system). But, Mega would have to be a perfect title then – since Mega Man is the undisputed best game ever! The music is pop punk relished, but it’s the aforementioned references to the world of video games that is truly intriguing. If Ms. Pac Man and Donkey Kong were to take ecstasy and birth a digitized child, this album would be the after birth of that disturbing scenario.

This really is some happy shit! Pleasant memories of childhood can be induced for any twenty something hipster who remembers that square controller guiding the youth to a much better existence. Where you pushed all naysayers off cliffs and be-bopped your way through a much-cooler-than-real-life land of imagination. The finest examples of this early 90’s two dimension phenomena would have to be “Implode Alright” and “Invaders”.

There are lots of noisemakers and ambient inventors out there today. But, few give such an obvious homage to the original pleasure boxes of American culture while writing catchy songs and monster chords to match. Built By Snow have developed a grand scheme with an album like Mega. This is a concept band that anyone can appreciate. Even Sega Genesis fans. There’s a bit in their for you as well. You being complete followers of course.

Built By Snow: Implode Alright [mp3]
[audio:091020-built_by_snow-implode_alright.mp3|titles=Implode Alright|artists=Built By Snow]

Mega by Built By Snow

[CD, 2009]

1. Giant Robot Attack
2. Something In 3D
3. All The Weird Kids Know
4. Implode Alright
5. A-Beta
6. Algometric Touch
7. Invaders
8. Science Of Love
9. Attachment

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