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Noah And The Whale: The First Days Of Spring [Album Review]

Noah And The Whale

Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down by Noah And The Whale is a pretty solid album. That debut LP defined the band as one not above having fun despite songs of a less than sunny disposition. My one complaint, actually, was the song that cemented them in popularity, “5 Years Time”, as it was contrary to the overall tone of the album. Noah And The Whale’s sophomore release, The First Days Of Spring, follows suit almost to a T. There is, again, that lone upbeat song.

“Love Of An Orchestra” is much more theatrical than “5 Years Time” thanks to moments of a cappella, and it’s placed comfortably between two transitional instrumental tracks which makes it more a concept than anything else, and that makes it OK. What truly sets The First Days Of Spring apart from its predecessor, however, is the progression the band has experienced in musicianship and song-craft. Those early songs will ultimately remain on playlists for years to come, but in terms of expanding their own personal genre, The First Days Of Spring stands above with near orchestral jams as heard in the opening title track and the epic “Blue Skies”.

It’s the crescendos and decrescendos in these songs that do it; the slow and soft start increasing to anthemic instrumental heights that so often has that breathtaking effect. The First Days Of Spring is also a much more visual album. It has more color and a seemingly ever present story-line. In that manner, The First Days Of Spring is more a soundtrack-like album that has a distinct beginning and end. There are occasional lags, but Noah And The Whale have produced an album that has points higher than their debut. And that makes it a more than worthy buy.

The First Days Of Spring by Noah And The Whale

Cherrytree Records [CD, 2009]

1. The First Days Of Spring
2. Our Window
3. I Have Nothing
4. My Broken Heart
5. Instrumental I
6. Love Of An Orchestra
7. Instrumental II
8. Stranger
9. Blue Skies
10. Slow Grass
11. My Door Is Always Open

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