FensePost Version 3.0

FensePost Version 3

If you’re thinking FensePost looks a little different today, you’re onto something. After months of dwelling over a more robust, zine-like look for the site, I finally made it happen. Introducing FensePost Version 3.0. It’s the same old FensePost many of you have known and loved since June of 2006, only now it’s better. I cannot express how excited I am about this new design, and hope you enjoy it as well.

You’ll notice a few additional items. I removed the LinkWithin plug-in as it tampered with the main page aesthetics, and there’s a Share This button now rather than TweetMeme. You’ll also see a page views item which was added in order to calculate the most-viewed posts – unfortunately, it doesn’t include views before today, so the numbers are going to be skewed for a while.

I have to give props to Michael Hutagalung for creating the arthemia WordPress theme and giving it away for free. We’ve hacked it up quite a bit to give it the FensePost look. That being said, bear with me as I integrate the new image thumbnail creator into the site.

Along with the updated site, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Emily Anderson, our newest writer. She’ll be focusing on pumping out live reviews for the site beginning with coverage of Grizzly Bear, who hit Seattle last weekend, later this week. Welcome Emily! Finally, a shout-out to Ron, who celebrated his first full year writing for FensePost.

Enjoy the new site and feel free to leave feedback!

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