Robert Church & The Holy Community: Skinny Rabbit [Video]

Robert Church & The Holy Community

Robert Church & The Holy Community‘s music has always been filled with the fuzzy DIY sounds familiar to the Swedish artists favoring lo-fi, and their latest in “Skinny Rabbit” is no different. The song and video are both simple. With an emphasis on synth and bass, and a mopey but catchy vocal melody, “Skinny Rabbit” is one of Robert Church’s most promising songs to date. The video is all DIY, minimal and simplistic with cutouts of the band members and a few varying backgrounds.

“Skinny Rabbit” is off Robert Church & The Holy Community’s new release — a cassette called Los Tres De Canarias on Fox Pop Records. Head over to the Fox Pop site; they have some great little dubs including limited releases by The High Water Marks and Von Hemmling. You can also catch more of Robert Church over at Series II.

Robert Church & The Holy Community: 1/10 [mp3]
[audio:091014-robert_church-1-10.mp3|titles=1/10|artists=Robert Church & The Holy Community]

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