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Chimes & Bells: Into Pieces Of Wood [Track Review]

Chimes & Bells

If you listen closely, you’ll hear it. You may need to turn up the volume a trite, though. Throughout “Into Pieces Of Wood”, Danish solo project of Caecilie Trier (Choir Of Young Believers), Chimes & Bells is poised to explode. The tension is grating; it pulls at the soul. At the halfway point, the song begins its true build, and that’s where you hear it: a hint of experimental pop. It’s subtle, draped behind the epic powerful notes that are the basis of the song’s emotional anxiety, but it’s there.

Despite the gradual build that lasts until the final notes of “Into Pieces Of Wood”, it never seems to reach that pinnacle you’re expecting; but that’s just fine. Chimes & Bells has still created an epic tune. It is the title track off their new EP, out now on Minty Fresh Records.

UPDATE: Chimes & Bells is not hitting the states this month with Choir Of Young Believers as initially thought. Instead, Trier will be a part of Choir Of Young Believers, who are set to kick off their US tour at Seattle’s Tractor Tavern on October 18.

Chimes & Bells: Into Pieces Of Wood [mp3]
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