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Dial M For Murder: Fiction Of Her Dreams [Album Review]

Dial M For Murder

Listening to Sweden’s Dial M For Murder, one gets the eerie feeling that this could very well be how Interpol would sound were they to hail from the indie pop centers of Sweden. That, or maybe this band had a bit of an early youthful obsession with Bauhaus. Fiction Of Her Dreams is filled with new wave pop and similar deep, dark vocals often attributed to those bands.

Heavy on the synths and backed by a drum machine, Dial M For Murder also lives up to the Hitchcock-ian name. There’s a fair amount of that black goth stuff, but plenty of Swedish pop to contradict it even as those sounds dominate every aspect of every song. Yet despite the immense amount of upbeat pop that comes out of Sweden, a band like this is bound to turn heads, and they do just that with high points like “You Can’t Have Me”, “NYC (Now You Care)”, and “You Said”.

These are songs perfect for the impending fall months, wrapped in lengthy warm coats and cozy scarves.

Dial M For Murder: NYC (Now You Care) [mp3]
[audio:090930-dial_m_for_murder-nyc.mp3|titles=NYC (Now You Care)|artists=Dial M For Murder]

Fiction Of Her Dreams by Dial M For Murder

Tapete Records [CD, 2009]

1. You Can’t Have Me
2. Oh No!
3. There’s Nothing Left To See
4. NYC (Now You Care)
5. Hell No
6. Do You Think So? I Don’t
7. You Said
8. Fiction Of Her Dreams
9. The Mourning Comes The Morning After
10. Hello

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