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Bears: Who Knows [7″ Review]


It’s been ages since I’ve written about Bears, Ohio’s best pop band. And I was totally stoked to get a few copies of their new single in the mail (ordered a few months ago when it was still at the plant). Who Knows includes two brief songs, the title track and “Make Something.”

While I have yet to pick up the group’s EP, Shortest Day Of The Year, and really only have their self-titled debut LP to mark as a reference point, Bears’ music hasn’t really changed all too much since that 2006 release. This is, of course, wonderful news.

“Who Knows” may be slightly catchier than several tunes off Bears and the production value includes a slightly higher quality level (or maybe it’s simply the vinyl format shining through). But all those things that drew me to Bears in the early days of FensePost remain: lightly harmonic fuzzy vocals, heavy emphasis on keys, lovable hand-claps.

If you’ve enjoyed anything by Bears in the past, there’s no question about whether or not you’ll dig this.

Who Knows by Bears

Impose Records [7″ Single, 2008]

1. Who Knows
2. Make Something

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